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  • Compri HX

Would you like to know the benefits of the Compri HX for your building?

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The system to ensure continuity in your building automation

Continuity of your building management system is paramount. Of course, it should also be efficient and allow you to control it centrally. The Compri HX product line is at the heart of your building management system. In addition to using the standard range of control modules, this controller is freely programmable, which gives you effortless control over small to large applications and systems. Whichever Compri HX you choose, it will provide you with complete integration of your building management. Continuity, guaranteed.

Complete building automation

All systems within the Compri HX range comprise a basic module and input and output modules. Depending on your requirements, the system can be expanded to suit your specific building management situation. Different modules also make the system suitable for multi-site use. You select your Compri HX based on the total number of inputs and outputs, the computing capacity you require and the communication options. The system is easy to engineer which means that service times are also kept to a minimum.

Quick and reliable

The Compri HX series communicates with and controls all of the systems in your building. The system has a very high processing speed, a sizeable memory and in-built security facilities, characteristics that make the Compri HX a highly reliable system. As one would expect, the Compri HX is fully integrated with Priva Top Control hardware and software and corresponding control modules.

The Compri HX series links seamlessly with all field equipment. Integration with the previous generation of Top Control hardware is also effortless. The system can be expanded to incorporate the latest technology at any time. What is more, the HX does not require screened cabling, which brings benefits during renovation work as existing cabling and sensors can be re-used.

For greater ease of use, an improved overview and straightforward modification of settings, the Compri HX Touchscreen and the Comset HX Touchscreen offer a comprehensive add-on to the Compri HX.

Integration of third-party systems

With support for a wide range of field buses such as BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus/IP, Modbus RTU, KNX/EIB, M-bus, Echelon/LonMark, DLMS etc., the Compri HX controller can be easily integrated with third-party systems, making the Compri HX the linchpin of control technology.

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