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Sustainable solutions for horticulture and building automation

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  • Priva Top Control

Priva Top Control offers the right application for every purpose, allowing you to achieve a fully-integrated building management system. For one or more buildings.

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Fully integrated building management

Priva Top Control offers the right application for every purpose, allowing you to achieve a fully-integrated building management system, for one or more buildings. The wide range of control modules covers standard control applications for most (HVAC) systems. These modules, in combination with the freely programmable capabilities, ensure that all applications including any unique and project specific requirements, can be engineered quickly and with ease. Furthermore, the Priva system support any field equipment, which means you can choose to retain existing field equipment in the case of renovation or refurbishment of old buildings and you are free to select from a range of suppliers for new-build. The system is designed to meet your needs and methods for all types of building management.

Building automationwith a vision

When combined with the Compri HX/Comforte CX, the extensive range of control modules allows you to accomplish pretty much everything with Priva Top Control. The standard modules are fully comprehensive (including documentation and graphics), which assures you of a powerful building management system. This means that you can always count on Priva to have a solution and the right product. Efficient building management is at the heart of all Priva control modules. In practice, energy performance from your buildings will improve.

Sustainable returns

Priva feels very strongly about sustainable returns. In addition to the standard modules for controlling various systems, a range of 'green' modules is also available. The meter bus protocol (M-bus) allows you to read each meter remotely, independent of your field equipment and metering. This provides you with a greater understanding of your energy consumption and allows you to focus more on lowering your energy costs.

The maximum electricity or gas consumption of a business frequently determines the type of contract it has with its energy supplier. The Compri HX control software for load monitoring, calculates possible peaks. In response to this, the system can then switch off non-crucial system components as required. Anticipated peaks in the system can be managed more effectively, which will result in immediate and considerable savings.

When it comes to energy storage in the ground (heat and cold), Priva has a wide range of control modules and comprehensive logging modules for the purposes of providing compulsory reports to the authorities. In addition to the considerable savings heat-cold storage systems can generate, Priva control modules allow you to achieve maximum returns from your system.


Priva's Legionella Indication Module provides you with an early warning if there is an increased risk of excessive concentrations of legionella. As one would expect, the module satisfies government guidelines including the UK Health and Safety Executive's code of conduct.

Download the 'What's new in TC 6.6.1' document

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